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I am putting together a book on the personal hell people have gone through when dealing with debt and credit. I would like to have your story. The more horrible the better...but please, only the truth.


If you or someone you know has had real personal tragedy or problems with debt, credit or associated bills, I would like to hear from you. This book will be published and given to all those people that first come to our agency, Christian Financial Ministries, for help. By giving them the opportunity to hear your stories, it just may help them overcome their debt and credit problems. So please, won't you help? Send me your story!


For all the bloggers or webmasters out there, I would greatly appreciate your placing a link on you blog or website home page about our book endeavor. The more stories we have, the more people we can reach. Please post your link as:

Horridebt Stories - S
tories of personal credit hell !

The blog link is: http://horridebt-stories.blogspot.com/

Additionally, if you know of anyone needing help with debt and credit issues please send them to us at: http://www.debtkiller.com ! Our Debtkiller.com web site covers all sorts of credit and debt problems. You can review some of the links to our web site of http://www.debtkiller.com.


Most importantly, please tell people you know to send us their stories about the problems they have had with debt and credit issues...credit cards, bank loans, check cashing centers, finance companies, furniture stores...any type of debt...any type of story. We want to hear from you!

Thank You, and God Bless You,

James C. Horan, Director Christian Financial Ministries


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

HorriDebt Stories

Alright, we just got this page up and running, so please...let us hear from you and your horror stories about debt and credit.

You can also send your horror story to this email address: help@debtkiller.com.

I will post the entire book on our web site and link it in this blog, in pdf, once its completed.

Jim Horan